Revv Amplification

The Music Spot is proud to announce that we have taken on Revv Amplification as the sole and exclusive dealer for Queensland.

Revv Amplification is a company from Winnipeg, Canada. Founded in 2014 by Dan Trudeau and Derek Eastveld, Revv are at the top of their game making wordclass all tube amplifiers with class leading features such as Two Notes Torpedo embedded virtual cabinets and reactive load. Only the best of the best is good enough for the team at Revv. This not only includes the components used, but also the team behind the products.

Having a proud heritage of building high quality stage ready gear, Revv have recently expanded their range of amplifiers and have introduced the G Series pedals. These hand built boxes of tone take the sounds from the legendary Generator series of amplifiers and encase a different channel in each pedal.

The first shipment of these amplifiers are due in July. Stock is limited, pre order now to secure your new Revv Amplifier.


We are the home of high gain in Brisbane

Experience the new standard in modern amplification

Revv Amplification


The Revv G Series Pedals are in stock now and ready to transform your rig. The Revv G2 is a super dynamic overdrive pedal. Based off the Generator 120's Green Channel, this pedal can go from sparkly light crunch tones to solid rock rhythms all in one box.

Looking for more? The G3 brings the Generator 100P's Purple Channel signature clarity and gain into your existing rig. The Purple Channel nails the crushing, surgical heavy amp like tones without breaking a sweat.

Equally usable with lower gain settings like a traditional overdrive pedal, the G3 is a sonic scalpel commanding a wide range of tone making it a versatile amp in a box pedal.

Taking the firebreathing Generator 100R's Red Channel in pedal form, The Revv G4 is a high gain monster. Put this infront of a clean amp to capture the all out aggression and saturation of the Generator amps

Likened to a sledgehammer when pushed, the G4 will knock down the walls of bad tone. Rolling down the volume nails the old school hard rock and metal tones with ease.

The flagship amp in the Revv range.

The mighty Generator 120 MK3 is a 4 channel behemoth with tones ranging from sparkly cleans all the way through to the most brutal distortion tones. With a feature list longer than the setup time at your last gig, this is the ultimate in modern amplifiers.

At the core of this handbuilt monster is a quartet of 6L6GC power amp tubes and 5 12AX7 preamp tubes providing the incredible 120 watts of power and incredible amounts of gain on tap.

Not only does the Generator 120 MK3 excel at crushing gain tones, the Blue Channel is chimey and has lots of headroom for clean playing with huge dynamics. Channel 2 is the Green Channel bringing all the classic crunch and stack tones. This channel is a favourite for Nashville session players thanks to its touch sensitive gain structure reacting to the pick attack of the player.

Channel 3 is where it really ramps up with the Purple Channel providing the razor sharp metal tones. Finally, the Red Channel provides an all out assault of high gain tones.

Oh, did we mention that the logo lights up to match which channel you're on? How cool!

All of these channels can be routed out via the embedded Two Notes Torpedo Virtual Cabinets for headphone use or even cabless direct recording or performance.

Built in digital reverb and a state of the art noise gate add the the flexibility of this sonic chameleon.

The Generator MK3 range are truly some of the most complete amplifier experiences available.

Think you need to mic up a cab to get a great guitar tone? Think again.

The D20 was the worlds first amp to feature a built in reactive load and virtual cabinet options, allowing you to achieve studio grade tones direct into headphones or XLR. This incredible feature allows you to use this amp without a cabinet for silent jam sessions, gigs or recording. With 6 built in cabinets to choose from, and many more able to be loaded via USB thanks to the included Two Notes software.

With a pristine clean channel, the D20 is the perfect pedal platform for all your favourite drive pedals or amp in box type pedals, while the effects loop on the back of the amp will take care of the rest of your pedals.
The versatility doesn't stop there, pull the Gain knob out to access the Crunch voicing to take care of those slightly heavier sections.

Developed with Nashville session guitarists, the D20 is the compact all rounder you never knew you needed.

Pair the D20 up with the G Series pedals for total tonal dominance.


The G20 takes this small sized platform and supercharges it to the max. By developing off the D20, the newer, angrier G20 features the Revv signature Generator gain on its second channel. 

The G20 boasts the surgical clarity of the Generator Purple Channel, bringing you performance well outside its class.

Switchable from 20 watts down to 4 watts, you can scale down the volume to suit your situation, or run it silent via the direct out on the back of the amp.

Suited perfectly for home, stage or studio. The D20 and G20 have everything you need to get the job done.

Boasting durable constructon to last a life time, the Revv speaker cabinet range are the perfect addition to your new amplifier.

These cabinets start with 18mm Baltic Birch Plywood to ensure solid construction and great projection. Featuring a fixed speaker baffle for sound quality, removable castors for the 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets and a non recessed speaker jack plate for ease of plugging in. These cabinets are ready for home or stage.

Loaded with a Warehouse Guitar Speakers (WGS) ET90 in the 1x12 and a combination of ET90 and Veteran 30 in the 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets. These cabinets dont just sound good, they also look good too! Partly due to the LED illuminated logo that changes colour when plugged into any Revv head.