The EarthQuaker Devices Swiss Things looks incredibly complicated at first glance but fear not tone traveler, let's break down this black box of pedalboard magic;

This is what you can do with it:

  • Use as many pedals as you’d like without tone-suck
  • Quickly and easily bypass or engage all of your effects with one click
  • Use Flexi-Switch™ Technology with every pedal in your setup
  • Eliminate volume pedal tone-suck by using any expression pedal to control volume
  • Use multiple amps without phase issues, ground loops, or extra noise
  • Tidy up your rig, shorten cable runs, and reduce tone loss by keeping all inputs and outputs in one location

Swiss Things Control Guide

  1. Loop 1 - Engage Loop 1. This loop is Unbuffered and is suitable for Boost, Overdrive, or other effects that don't require buffering.
  2. Loop 2 - Engage Loop 2. This loop is Buffered and is suitable for Time Based effects (reverb, mod, delay). Also functions as mute when empty.
  3. Boost - Toggle the onboard Boost, adjustable up to 20dB.
  4. A/B  - Switch between Amp A or B.
  5. Both - Engage both amps at the same time.
  6. Input - Plug your instrument in here.
  7. Loop 1 Send - Plug into the Input of the first pedal in Loop 1.
  8. Loop 1 Return - Plug into the Output of the last pedal in Loop 1.
  9. Loop 2 Send - Plug into the Input of the first pedal in Loop 2.
  10. Loop 2 Return - Plug into the Output of the last pedal in Loop 1.
  11. Tuner Output - Connect to your Tuner.
  12. Vol/Exp Out - Plug in your favourite expression pedal.
  13. Output A - Plug into the Input of your amplifier.
  14. Output B - Plug into the Input of another amplifier.



Power - 9V DC Negative Tip. 40mA current draw.

It is highly recommended to use this effect with an isolated power supply, as non-isolated power sources will add unwanted noise to the signal.

Expression Jack - a 50kΩ expression pedal will allow the full range of control from the Swiss Things. 

Switching - This is a true bypass pedal, but due to the nature of relay based switching the Swiss Things must be powered to pass audio signal.

Size - 121 x 154 x 57 mm


Brand EQD
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg

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