EQD Aqueduct Vibrato

The EarthQuaker Devices Aqueduct is an 8 mode modulation powerhouse, with vibrato sounds ranging from smooth classic vibrato, to pseudo-whammy bar bends, touch-sensitive frequency modulation, and anything else your pitch-warped brain can picture in your murky mind’s eye.

Toggle the effect on or off quickly on the fly with the built-in Flexi-Switch technology. This allows you to have the ability to momentarily engage the Aqueduct, or use it in a standard on/off format.

Aqueduct Control Guide

  1. Rate - Controls the speed of the LFO, which changes how fast the pitch rises and falls.
  2. Depth - Adjusts the LFO Amplitude, this changes the intensity of the vibrato effect.
  3. Mode - This 8 way rotary knob changes the LFO envelope and waveshape combinations;
    1. Sine - Smooth, classic sounding vibrato awaits.
    2. Triangle - Sharper rise and fall with a pronounced pitch bend.
    3. Ramp - Synth like sustain and release. Similar to Triangle wave.
    4. Square - Abrupt sounding, instant transition between notes.
    5. Random - Unpredictable, "warped record" type of effect
    6. Env-D - Envelope-Controlled Depth Mode. Using a Sinewave. This mode changes the way the Depth and Rate controls work. Env-D is quite sensitive to how hard you play.
    7. Env-R - Envelope-Controlled Rate Mode. Still using a Sinewave, this mode is varied by the input signal. Play hard for fast modulation, softer pick attack will slow down the vibrato.
    8. Env-P - Envelope-Controlled Pitch Mode. "If your instrument doesn't have a tremolo bar, it does now". The wildest setting on the Aqueduct, the modulation is now controlled by your pick attack, not the LFO. Flexi-Switching this one is a must.



Power - 9V DC Negative Tip. 68mA current draw.

It is highly recommended to use this effect with an isolated power supply, as non-isolated power sources will add unwanted noise to the signal.

Switching - This is a true bypass pedal, but due to the nature of relay based switching the Aqueduct must be powered to pass audio signal.

Size - 121 x 64 x 57 mm

Brand EQD
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg

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